Ski Patrol Assistant Director with Avalanche Dog
Skiing Winter

Virtual Skiing: Thank You, Ski Patrol

Today is Friday, April 10, marking the final day in National Public Health Week. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to all healthcare workers on the frontlines here in Montana and around the world. We appreciate you today and every day.

For our second installment of Virtual Skiing, we wanted to express gratitude to our own team of medical professionals: Big Sky Ski Patrol.

Every member of ski patrol is a certified EMT, making BSSP the largest EMS organization in Montana. They are the first ones to show up and the last to leave – all for the sake of keeping the mountain safe for us to ski.

Since the resort suspended operations, many of our ski patrol team members have joined the efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 around the state of Montana. Your Big Sky family thanks you for your heroic efforts.

Here’s our second installment of Virtual Skiing, featuring the best of Big Sky Ski Patrol.

1. What does it take to open Lone Mountain?

Follow along with ski patrol as they face harsh winds, low visibility and high-consequence terrain.

2. The Avy Dogs of Big Sky

Avy dogs are an integral part of the Big Sky Ski Patrol. Day in and day out these dogs come to work to help mitigate safety and potential avalanche hazards.

3. Last Chair With Bob Dixon

Bob Dixon first came to Big Sky in 1982 at age 33, after 37 years of patrolling, he retired in 2019. Dixon is famous on Lone Peak: For his Mr. Spock-like calm under pressure; for patrolling six days a week during most of his career; for his tall tales about surviving the 1960s; and for wearing only sunglasses until the temperature is below negative 10.  Thanks for all the memories, Bob.

4. Kirby the Avalanche Dog

Kirby is a retired avalanche dog at Big Sky Resort. He was a certified avalanche dog for 9 years, and now helps train the younger pups. The word around Ski Patrol is that Kirby trained Casey.

BONUS: Big Sky Avalanche Goats

This April Fools prank from 2019 is legendary for a few reasons. You may recognize Bob Dixon, our former ski patrol director, who has a real talent for storytelling. He’s so good, he convinced a local news station that the avy goats were real.

Until next week, stay safe, stay home, and take care of yourself. And the next time you get the chance, thank a medical professional!