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Introducing Ramcharger 8, North America’s first 8-seat chairlift

At the base of Big Sky Resort’s Andesite Mountain, Ramcharger 8, the new eight-seat, high-speed D-line chairlift, will be the first of its kind in the world. Featuring ergonomically-shaped, extra-wide heated seats and a weather-proof Big Sky Blue Bubble, Ramcharger 8 is the most technologically-advanced chairlift ever built. Big Sky Resort is committed to delivering a world-class mountain experience to its guests by offering unrivaled comfort, safety and aesthetics on the way up the hill. More than 3,200 skiers will be able to ride up Andesite Mountain on Ramcharger 8 each hour. Ramcharger 8’s debut in December 2018 means less time on chairlifts, and more time skiing and riding Big Sky’s 5,800+ acres of terrain.

Ramcharger 8’s ergonomically shaped, heated seats with custom graphics.
Photo: Ed Coyle

The Basics

  • 13 towers
  • 64 chairs
  • Uphill capacity: up to 3,200 skiers per hour
  • Each chair weighs 2,262 lbs
  • Ergonomically-designed, extra-wide heated seats
  • Individual headrests and footrests
  • Weather-proof Big Sky Blue Bubble
  • Custom Ramcharger graphics on chairs
Ramcharger 8 whisks 3,200 skiers per hour up Andesite Mountain.
Photo: Ed Coyle Photography

Why is Ramcharger 8 the most technologically-advanced in the world?

FIRST OF ITS KIND: Ramcharger 8 is the first eight-seat chairlift in North America and the first D-line Direct Drive chairlift to debut in the world. “This lift has so many firsts, it’s hard to list them all. Besides being the first eight-seat chairlift in North America, this D-Line showcases 45 patents and innovations, making it the most comfortable, safest, most reliable, energy-efficient, and informative lift ever built,” says Stephen Kircher, president, Boyne Resorts.

DOPPELMAYR DIRECT DRIVE: The Doppelmayr Direct Drive (DDD) is a gearless drive, which makes for whisper-quiet operations and low maintenance, combined with very high efficiency. The D-Line series of lifts also includes new features such as individual tensioning belts between each set of accelerator tires, designed to reduce maintenance time.

ADJUSTABLE LOADING CARPET: Once guests reach the loading point, lift attendants can manually raise and lower the loading carpet height to more easily and safely load children on the lift.

AUTOMATIC UNLOCK SAFETY BARS: When lowered, Ramcharger 8’s safety bar will lock and automatically unlock in the top terminal.

SPEAKER SYSTEM: Each lift tower is fitted with a speaker for reliable communication from lift operators.

WIND RESISTANT: Ramcharger 8 is highly wind-resistant, allowing it to run smoothly in a high-wind event.

FULLY-AUTOMATED OVERNIGHT CHAIRLIFT STORAGE: With the press of a button, chairs are stored in a chair barn, located near the top terminal of Ramcharger 8.

INNOVATIVE TOWER DESIGN: The lower portion of Ramcharger 8’s towers are cone shaped to provide additional stiffness at the base of each tower, making each tower more durable to the elements.

DOPPELMAYR CONNECT: Lift operators wear a remote stop button, part of Doppelmayer’s latest technology, “Doppelmayr Connect.” The stop button travels with the lift operator when the chairlift is in operation.

BIKE HAUL CAPABILITY: In Summer 2020, Ramcharger 8’s chairs will be configured to transport bikes, as well as foot traffic.

DINING/VIP GONDOLA CABINS: In the 2019-2020 winter season, Big Sky Resort will add three next generation Omega V gondola cabins to Ramcharger 8. Two will be dedicated Dining Cars, allowing guests to sit around a table installed in the cabin for a premier dining experience. Another car will be reserved as a VIP cabin. The Omega V gondola cabins will be the first of their kind to debut in North America

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